Board Meeting No. 105

1. Welcome, Apologies & Declaration of Conflicts-B. Hinden

2. Consent agenda–Bob Hinden

  • Approval of the minutes of the 104th meeting of the Board of Trustees, held September 23, 2013 via teleconference
  • Ratify the e-vote approving the Governance Committee Charter and establishing a Governance Committee
  • Ratify the e-vote approving the 2014 ISOC Board of Trustees Elections calendar
  • Ratify the e-vote approving the amendment to the Afilias-PIR Registry Services Agreement and the execution of the Registry Agreement with ICANN

Resolution 13-XX: Approve Consent Agenda
RESOLVED, that the following items contained in the Consent Agenda were approved and ratified

3. Welcome New ISOC Chapters–B. Hinden

Resolution 13-xx: ISOC Board of Trustees warmly  welcomes New Chapters
RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees warmly welcomes the new Guateng (South Africa) Chapter of the Internet Society which was chartered and approved since the last Board meeting

4. 2013 IGF and Related meetings–L. St Amour

Purpose: Board discussion on the recent IGF meeting and related meetings


5. AOB

Agenda and Related Documents

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No. 105 (11 November 2013)