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No. 104 (September 16, 2013)
Board Meeting

Board Meeting No. 104

20:00 – 22:00 UTC (4:00 PM – 6:00 PM US Eastern)

Audio Only Participants

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20:00 – 20:05   I. Welcome, Declaration of Conflicts, /E-votes Approved/Consent agenda – Bob Hinden  (10 mins)


(a). Resolution 13-XX: Approval of the minutes of the 103rd  meeting of the Board of Trustees, held in Berlin, Germany on August 3-4, 2013

RESOLVED, that the minutes of the 103rd Board meeting of the Internet Society held August 3-4, 2013 are approved

(b). Resolution 13-XX: Approval of the members of the 2014 Nominations Committee

RESOLVED that XXXX be appointed as members of the Nominations Committee as chaired by Keith Davidson

(c). Resolution 13-xx: ISOC Board of Trustees Welcomes New Chapters

RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees warmly welcomes the Chapters that were chartered and approved since the last Board meeting:

  • Yemen Chapter of the Internet Society
  • Zimbabwe Chapter of the Internet Society

20:05 – 20:10  II. Appointment of a Director for the Public Interest Registry Board of Directors (5 mins)

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Resolution13-XX: Appointment of a Director for the PIR Board

RESOLVED, that the Internet Society Board appoints XXXXXX to the PIR Board of Directors for the period starting at the  beginning of the next 2013 PIR Board meeting and ending at the end of the day before the start of the mid-year 2015 PIR Board meetin

20:10 – 20:20  III. Establish a Governance Committee – T. Swinehart (10 mins)

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Resolution 13-XX: Establish a Governance Committee

RESOLVED, that the Board adopts the proposed Governance committee charter and establish a Governance committee with XXXX as chair of the committee, and XXXXXX as committee members.

20:20 – 20:30  IV. ISOC Call for Nominations (10 mins)

PURPOSE: Criteria and schedule review for the 2014 Call for Nominations for the ISOC Board of Trustees

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Resolution 13-XX: Approval of the 2014 Elections Timetable

RESOLVED, that the 2014 Elections Timetable is approved.

20:30 – 20:45  V. President & CEO Report (15 mins) – L. St.Amour

(a). 2013 Mid-Year Performance and Year End Forecast (exception report)

(b). IGF and Policy Update


20:45 – 21:15   VI.  2014 – 2016 Business Plan and Budget Update – L. St Amour & Staff (30 mins)

Purpose: High level overview of the 2014 – 2016 Business Plan and Budget


21:15 – 21:25  VII. 2020 Strategic Planning – K. Rose (10 mins)

Purpose: Review status of Strategic Planning


21:25 – 21:35  VIII. CEO Search Committee Update –CEO Search Committee Co-Chair


21:35 – 21:45  IX. Finalize the 2-3 year Board Meeting Schedule – B. Hinden


21:45 – 22:00 X. AOB (15 mins)

(a). PIR By-Law Change

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Resolution 2013-X: Accept the proposed PIR By-law change

RESOLVED that the proposed PIR By-law change is accepted.

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