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About Internet Society 25 September 2017

Celebrating 25 Years of Advocacy

By April FroncekFormer Senior Editor, Internet Society Foundation

It’s been a week of jubilation: The Internet Society celebrated 25 years of advocacy for an open, globally-connected, and secure Internet with events that crisscrossed the globe. The festivities kicked off at the University of California Los Angeles campus where in 1969 the first message was sent over ARPANET – the Internet’s predecessor.

On 18 September, the 25 Under 25 award ceremony honored young people around the world for their extraordinary work. Born in the age of the Internet, these everyday heroes are passionate about using it to make a positive impact on their communities. Their projects include connecting people with disabilities to employment opportunities, using AI to identify fake news, and humanizing issues affecting refugees and the LGBT community.

Learn more about the 25 Under 25 awardees

Watch the 25 Under 25 Award Ceremony

Just a few hours later, the 2017 Internet Society Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future was launched. The interactive report, the result of in-depth interviews, roundtables, and surveys conducted in 160 countries and 21 regions around the world, offers a glimpse into how the future of the Internet might impact humanity. The report encourages you to explore paths to our digital future, asks thought-provoking “What If…” questions, and includes recommendations so that you can help shape tomorrow’s Internet for the better.

Watch the launch and panel discussion

Explore the interactive 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future

Later that day, the Internet Hall of Fame ceremony honored the visionaries who have laid the foundation for the Internet as we know it now. The 14 inductees represent 10 countries and were honored as Innovators and Global Connectors for their work pushing the boundaries of technological and social innovation.

Watch the IHOF award ceremony

The IHOF ceremony commenced the Internet Society’s global membership meeting, InterCommunity. Singapore, Beirut, Dakar, Montevideo, and other cities around the world held discussions on the critical factors that will shape the future Internet, including the key findings from the 2017 Global Internet Report. It wrapped up in Los Angeles with a closing roundtable discussion featuring public policy experts, Internet Hall of Fame inductees, and the next generation of Internet leaders.

Feeling inspired? Learn more about the Internet’s everyday heroes and how you can help to Shape Tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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