The Internet Is for Everyone

Help build an open, globally-connected, and secure Internet.
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    Building Trust

    Trust is the key issue in defining the future value of the Internet. The Internet Society’s policy agenda on trust is guided by our “Policy Framework for an Open and Trusted Internet“.

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    Growing the Internet

    While the Internet grows across the globe, it remains out of reach for millions of people. Increasing the reach and reliability of the Internet is our short-term goal, while we also focus on creating a solid foundation for continued growth over time.

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    Improving Technical Security

    Global infrastructure is required so that Internet endpoints without a prior relationship can communicate in a trusted and secure way. Unmediated connections are a hallmark of the Internet. Technologies such as encryption infrastructure, time security, and identity and authentication functions comprise the necessary infrastructure. This shared connectivity and trust infrastructure enables a trustworthy and secure Internet for everyone.

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    Internet's Future

    As does every technology, the Internet has grown, evolved, and adapted to new technologies and new uses. As a global infrastructure, the Internet is also shaped by economic and policy forces.