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Internet of Things (IoT) 15 March 2017

IoT Trust Framework Released – Momentum Growing

The Online Trust Alliance’s IoT Trust Framework is rapidly evolving to be the foundation of an international effort to integrate security, privacy and sustainability in IoT devices and services. Developed over the past twelve months, the Framework represents collective input from over 100 organizations who, through a multi-stakeholder process, established a baseline Framework of 30 essential criteria. The goals of the Framework include providing prescriptive guidance to help establish security, privacy and sustainability as product differentiators and part of the consumer value proposition. Combined, they offer consumers added transparency, choice and control of the security, collection and use of their personal data.

Released simultaneously at the RSA Conference in San Francisco and at a meeting with two-dozen consumer testing organizations in Brussels, the IoT Trust Framework is now being embraced by developers, retailers and trade organizations. Collectively this coalition cites the importance of the Framework to help address many IoT shortcomings, while accelerating innovation and demonstrating a commitment to self-regulation. Supporting the implementation of the Framework, OTA released a draft resource guide and related resources. More >

Media coverage has been extensive including The Financial Post, Fortune, CBS News and others. (See other media coverage). At the RSA conference, attendees stressed that the Framework can and should be adopted today as it rests on established practices, protocols and methods rather than forcing new procedures. In Brussels, participants validated that the Framework’s principles are applicable globally and are essential criteria for any product testing and certification programs. Additional public statements of support have come from the International Telecommunications Union’s IoT Global Standards and theNational Association of Realtors Smart Home initiatives.  These accomplishments have been made possible through the hard work and input from over 100 OTA and IoT working group member companies.   Thank you!

Industry Leaders Embrace the OTA IoT Trust Framework

“Newcomers who are not technologists will face challenges. As soon as you put a sensor on something, and collect and send data, you are in the data business. Now all the issues of data hygiene and security matter,” remarked Harvey Anderson, Chief Legal Officer, AVG Technologies. “The OTA Framework is a great tool for developers large and small.”

“The OTA Framework helps to identify major security and privacy gaps which exist in many IoT devices and services. For example data minimization is critical. The rise in data collection begs the questions of stewardship: how much to keep, how long to retain and where to store. In addition to security fundamentals, it is critical that choice and transparency be provided to consumers,” notedBrian Witten, Senior Director, IoT Services, Symantec.

To learn more and get involved and make security and privacy part of your IoT value proposition,contact us!

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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