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Deploy360 13 November 2016

[email protected], Day 1: IPv6, Mobility & IoT

Kevin Meynell
By Kevin MeynellSenior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement

Seoul SkylineThere’s a lot going on this week at IETF 97 in Seoul, and we’ll be bringing you daily blog posts that point out what Deploy360 will be focused on during that day. And Monday is going to be no exception with a couple of IPv6-related working groups, along with sessions that are relevant to the Internet-of-Things and TLS.

The day beings with DMM on Monday morning at 09.30 KST (UTC+9). This focuses on mobile hosts on the Internet and particular the Mobile IPv6 protocol family, but will be discussing five drafts including the mobility needs for 5G wireless and extensions to the DHCPv6 protocol to enable mobile hosts to indicate the required mobility service type.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend IETF 97 in person, there are multiple ways to participate remotely.

There’s an unfortunate clash between V6OPS and the Crypto Forum sessions first thing after lunch at 13.30 KST (UTC+9).

V6OPS is always an important session for us though, and there are two new drafts being discussed on enterprise multihoming which aims to address the problem of connecting an enterprise site to multiple ISPs using provider-assigned addresses without the use of Network Address Translation; and on the reservation of the IPv6 prefix 64::/16 for use with IPv4/IPv6 translation mechanisms. There are also a couple of updates of previous drafts related to routing design choices when designing IPv6 networks, and solutions for addressing issues related to IPv6 deployment in community wi-fi scenarios.

The Crypto Forum Research Group is where cryptographic mechanisms and their applicability to the Internet get discussed. Perhaps the most interesting item will be the discussion on post-quantum cryptography which investigates how to secure public-private key algorithms from attacks from quantum computers.

Rounding off the day is LPWAN which makes its debut as a working group following a successful BoF at the previous IETF in Berlin. This meets on Monday afternoon at 15.50 KST (UTC+9) and aims to develop wireless protocols to connect battery-powered devices over significant distances using licence exempt bands. This is important for enabling a variety of IoT applications as most of these devices will be low powered and will need to utilise minimal bandwidth.

For more background, please read the Rough Guide to IETF 97 from Olaf, Dan, Andrei, Mat, Karen and myself.

Relevant Working Groups:

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