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IETF 13 March 2015

Rough Guide to IETF 92: Welcome to Texas, Y’all!

Olaf Kolkman
By Olaf KolkmanPrincipal - Internet Technology, Policy, and Advocacy

Starting on Sunday, 22 March, the Internet Engineering Task Force returns to Dallas, Texas, USA, for IETF 92, where more than 1000 engineers will spend a week discussing the latest issues in open standards and protocols. As usual, the Internet Society is providing a ‘rough guide’ to the IETF via a series of blog posts on topics of mutual interest:

All these posts can be found, and will be archived, through our Rough Guide to IETF 92 overview page at

First I’ll start with an overview of some of the activities that the Internet Society is involved in and some of my personal highlights.

IETF Journal

Before we get to IETF 92, catch up on some of the highlights from IETF 91 in Honolulu by reading Volume 10, Issue 3 of the IETF Journal. You can read all the articles online at, or pick up a hard copy in Dallas. The cover article, “Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop,” discusses the challenges for standards organizations like the IETF in the face of agile software development paradigms. We also have articles about the upcoming IETF website revamp, a new initiative on human rights and Internet protocols, a report on the WiFi privacy trial that ran in Hawaii and will run in Dallas, and reports on the most recent winners of the Applied Networking Research Prize, and the Internet Society panel that explored the question, Is Identity an Internet Building Block? Finally, the issue debuts a new look, part of a year-long celebration of the publication’s 10-year anniversary.

Speaking of the IETF Journal, did you know it is now being translated into Russian? The last issue of the Журнал IETF (Инженерного совета Интернета) is available through our site and the Russian ISOC Chapter. This issue will be translated in a few weeks and linked from the main IETF Journal page.


Through the Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP, supported by ISOC) the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) recognizes the best new ideas in networking, and brings them to the IETF, especially in cases where the ideas are relevant for transitioning into shipping Internet products and related standardization efforts. In Dallas, one talented researcher will present during the IRTF Open Meeting on Tuesday, 24 March:


One of the week’s highlights is the technical plenary on Monday, 23 March, during which Dave Thaler and Hannes Tschofenig will lead a discussion on “Smart Object Architecture.”

On Saturday and Sunday, the IETF is holding a Hackathon “to encourage developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards.”

Getting new work started in the IETF usually requires a birds-of-a-feather (BoF) meeting to discuss goals for the work, the suitability of the IETF as a venue for pursuing the work, and the level of interest in and support for the work. There are seven BoFs happening in Dallas:

Follow Us

There’s a lot going on in Dallas, and whether you plan to be there or join remotely, there’s much to monitor. To follow along as we dole out this series of Rough Guide to IETF blog posts, follow us on the Internet Technology Matters blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, via RSS, or see

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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