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Building Trust 14 July 2014

ISOC Rough Guide to IETF 90: Toronto, Eh?

IETF 90 is coming up next week, and as usual it’s going to be a very busy week here at the Internet Society. The IETF meets three times a year to discuss standards for the operation of the Internet. There will be matters everyone agrees on, new issues to explore, and attempts to develop community consensus on topics that are much more difficult. It’s an exciting week and it’s always interesting to see what develops.

We are again presenting our Rough Guide to the IETF in blog form, which means this introductory post will be followed by others on topics aligned with the interests and priorities of the Internet Society: IPv6, DNSSEC, security, privacy, identity, routing resilience, etc. Everything will be archived at

For now, though, I’d like to highlight some of the overarching activities and issues happening in Toronto next week:

  • [email protected] Briefing Panel: “Internet Security and Privacy: Ten Years Later”
    As already noted, we will hold our traditional [email protected] briefing panel during lunch on Tuesday, 22 July. This time we will discuss “Internet Security and Privacy: Ten Years Later.” If you can’t be there in person, the panel will be live streamed also, so please plan to watch this blog space for more information.
  • IRTF Open Meeting & ANRP Award Winners
    At the IRTF Open Meeting on Tuesday, 22 July, from 1420-1620, ANRP prizewinner Robert Lychev will present his work on the security benefits provided by partially deployed S*BGP. Robert’s work is described in more detail at
  • The IETF Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1
    The most recent edition of the IETF Journal is available now if you’d like a quick look at what happened at IETF 89 in London. I encourage you to subscribe to either the print or online edition. And, we are always interested in articles for upcoming issues, so if you’re following work at the IETF meeting in Toronto and would like to contribute, drop a note to [email protected]
  • Cryptech
    We are a proud supporter of the Cryptech initiative, which aims to develop “an open hardware cryptographic engine that meets the needs of high assurance Internet infrastructure systems that rely on cryptography. The open hardware cryptographic engine will be of general use to the wider Internet community, covering needs such as secure email, web, DNS, PKIs, etc.” During the lunch hour on Wednesday, 23 July, the Cryptech team will be on hand for a project update in the Quebec room of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.
  • Technical Plenary
    The Technical Plenary is from 1710-1910 on Monday, 21 July. The Internet Society’s Jane Coffin will participate in a technical discussion on the relationship between geography and networking, in particular discussing the Internet Society’s efforts to increase capacity in underserved regions through the development of local exchanges.
  • Jonathan B. Postel Service Award
    The Postel Service Award was established by the Internet Society to honor individuals or organizations that, like Jon Postel, have made outstanding contributions in service to the data communications community. During the IETF Operations and Administration Plenary from 1710-1940 on Wednesday, 23 July, the Internet Society’s President and CEO, Kathy Brown, will present the Jon Postel award to this year’s recipient.

There’s a lot going on next week, and whether you plan to be there or join remotely, there’s much to follow. Stay tuned for more topical updates about pertinent technical sessions that are scheduled for IETF 90. To follow along as we dole out this series of Rough Guide to IETF blog posts, follow us on the Internet Technology Matters blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, via RSS, or see

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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