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Deploy360 11 June 2014

“Operators and the IETF” Survey Closing Soon…

Jan Žorž
By Jan ŽoržFormer Operational Engagement Programme Manager

IETF LogoOur Operators and the IETF survey has now been open for several months and we are happy to say that we have gathered an impressive amount of feedback.

We would first like to thank everyone who has completed the survey! We appreciate your valuable insight!

At the same time we need to ask those operators who have not yet responded to take few minutes and tell us through the survey your ideas and thoughts, your burdens, issues, fears, and frustrations. Anything holding you back from actively (or more actively) participating in IETF process. Even if you’ve never participated in the IETF at all, we need to hear from as many network operators as possible!

We plan to close the survey on 31st of June. Once the survey closes we will work diligently to synthesize everyone’s input. The result of our synthesis will be an IETF Internet-Draft. Our “Operators and the IETF” I-D will describe the results of the survey, the reasons and issues that are keeping network operators from fully engaging in the IETF. The I-D will also provide the suggestions we’ve heard from network operators on how to start removing these barriers and get more participation and feedback from the global network engineering community back into the IETF standardization process.

So, please, this is our last call – take the survey and please also spread the link to your fellow network operators, in your NOG, on social media, or wherever! The short link to send around is:

Thank you very much for your cooperation and participation!

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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