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Deploy360 10 January 2014

Chris Grundemann at SANOG 23 Discussing IPv6, BCOP, IETF, and More

SANOGWe’re coming to Asia this year and I’m kicking things off with a trip to Thimphu, Bhutan for SANOG 23 next week (in fact I start traveling today)! I’d love a chance to meet if you’re in town too.

SANOG is the South Asian Network Operators Group and I’ll let them introduce themselves:

SANOG was started to bring together operators for educational as well as co-operation. SANOG provides a regional forum to discuss operational issues and technologies of interest to data operators in the South Asian Region. The main objective is educational, but at the same time gives vendors a chance to talk to engineers about newer technology and products on the sidelines. Engineers get to talk to each other about experiences, benefit the entire community. This non commercial people networking is in line with established practices like NANOG in North America, RIPE Meetings in Europe and APRICOT in Asia.

SANOG has been holding meetings for over a decade at this point. You can learn more on their website: http://www.sanog.org/

I will be giving two talks at SANOG 23. The first, on Monday, is titled “DO and You – an Introduction to the Internet Society Deployment & Operationalization (DO) Team” and as you can imagine it will focus on our team, our current projects, and how folks can get involved. In particular I will be letting Asian network operators know about BCOP activities in other regions, about opportunities to contribute to Deploy360, and about our new Operators at the IETF research project (which I unofficially announced earlier this week – watch for the official announcement, or take the survey). On Tuesday, day 2, I’ll be presenting a talk I call “Security in an IPv6 World – Myth and Reality” that takes a myth-busting approach to IPv6 security. While not a comprehensive coverage by any stretch, it should be a fun and informative talk. Find more about IPv6 here at Deploy360.

Whether you’re making this trip or not, be sure to follow my Twitter for information as it happens (and probably a picture or two of Bhutan as well) and as always, stay in touch with us for all of the latest news, events, live streams, and more!

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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