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Internet Governance 6 November 2012

The Opening Ceremony of the IGF 2012

As I blog, the ITU Secretary General Speaks. Great thing that is happening that ITU secretary general talks about accepting and taking views of non direct members of ITU to participate in the debates and will surely help things hapen. I am quite impressed with the words…that nothing will be adopted without the general consensus of all stakeholders. I hope that this eventually prevails and the mention that the ITU constitution will not be challenged in any ways.. WCIT 19 is not going to challenge this article and re-affirms that ITU will support the openess and says that they will never ever control the Internet.

ITU will support and committed to the IGF and continue working together. We thank Dr Hamadoun Touré for suoporting the openess and views of everyone is something marvelous but let’s wait and see how things turn up.


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