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IPv6 30 May 2012

Today Is The FINAL Day To Register For World IPv6 Launch!

Dan York
By Dan YorkDirector, Online Content

As we’ve noted before, today is the final day to register your website as an official participant in World IPv6 Launch.  While the launch is June 6, 2012, we are only taking registrations for official participants until the end of the day today.

Now, one important detail:

You do NOT have to have your website IPv6-enabled until June 6!

But you need to submit the participant registration form by the end of May 30th in order to be listed as a participant on our official list on the website.

The reason for the earlier deadline is that we need time to verify all registrations and also to make sure they all get included in the measurements that will be tracking IPv6 capabilities of the participants.

So if your website is already reachable over IPv6 – or if you think you can get it IPv6-enabled by June 6 (perhaps by using a CDN?) – please take a moment and fill out the form so that we can add your site to the ever-growing list.

Here’s your chance to be listed among the industry leaders who are being part of the movement that will change the Internet forever!

As a registered participant, your website will be included in the list that will be promoted in the marketing for the launch. People searching through the list will be able to see that you were part of the big event! Your site will also be included in the IPv6 measurements… which will continue after June 6th.

This is your chance to show your industry leadership to the global community! REGISTER AS A PARTICIPANT TODAY!

Not sure how to IPv6-enable your website?

We’ve posted steps for content providers to learn the options you have to IPv6-enable your website. In particular, take a look at what a content delivery network (CDN) can do to help IPv6-enable your site.

Check out the options – and get started today!

Note: If you can’t make (or miss) the registration deadline of May 30th, you certainly can still participate in World IPv6 Launch by doing whatever you can to IPv6-enable your site by June 6th. So please… go right ahead and do it! (We just won’t have you listed as an official participant unless you register by May 30th.)


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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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