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How to Apply for Beyond the Net Funding


Who can apply? 

Applications for Beyond the Net funding will primarily be accepted from Internet Society Chapters or projects with an Internet Society Chapter actively involved. However, we will also consider on a case-by-case basis applications from Internet Society members who do not have an Internet Society Chapter in their country.  Check if there is a chapter in your country

What kind of projects do we fund? 

We fund projects that support our mission and use the internet to help change lives. We support projets that help the community, providing tools and skills and creating visibility to your Chapter. We offer several programmes:

  • Small projects you can finish in a short time funding (up to 3 500 USD);
  • Medium-scale funding (up to 10 000 USD) and;
  • Large-scale funding (up to 30 000 USD) and;
  • Chaperthon; working together for a common goal and;
  • Chapter Admin; to help your Chapter run day to day activities.

Get Ready

Apply for small scale projects

Read more about Chapter Small Projects

Apply for medium or large scale projects

Read more about medium or large scale projects

General Selection Criteria

We want to ensure project have a high success rate, so we have rigorous selection criteria. We look at a number of things like: 

  • Originality;
  • The long-term impact of your project
  • The impact on people’s lives of your project
  • Is your community involved?
  • Can the other chapters replicate your project?  

Applicant Tools

What if your project proposal is successful?

By submitting your project proposal, you agree to the following conditions if your application is successful:

  • Accept and Sign the Internet Society Terms and Conditions before receiving funding;
  • Report periodically on the projects progress and impact of the community;
  • Credit the Internet Society.

Learn more about the reporting responsabilities

Any questions?

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