Lisa Nyamadzawo

Lisa Nyamadzawo

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Lisa Nyamadzawo is a Mandela Washington Fellow (YALI 2018) and Head of Membership and Capacity Building for the Internet Society Zimbabwe Chapter. She heads a membership of over 450. Her interests are fostering conversations and innovations in emerging technologies such as IoT, Big Data, cloud computing, and digital currencies. She does this through holding events, panel discussions, workshops, and hackathons centered on emerging technologies and policy in Zimbabwe. She is actively involved in Internet Governance and was a [email protected] Fellow in Paris 2018. Lisa is an urban planner by profession and has interests in the intersection between smart city development and inclusive urban development. More so she is the the Cofounder of Solvus Zimbabwe, which runs a flagship project called Green Spaces. She has worked at the Center for Great Neighborhoods in Kentucky, USA where she was a responsible inclusive community planning.

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Beyond the Net 3 January 2019

Zimbabwe Chapter Meetup on IoT: Converse / Create / Collaborate

On December 6th 2018, the Internet Society Zimbabwe Chapter held an Internet of Things (IoT) meetup supported by the...