Infrastructure and Community Development Partnerships

Building resilient infrastructure and fostering collaborative communities requires support from partners.

We are honored to have invaluable partnership with:  

The Internet Society and Facebook collaborate in promoting IXP infrastructure development, training and community engagement with the objective of increasing the number of IXPs and supporting the expansion of existing IXPs to meet the growing demand in Africa.

IXP Manager is an open-source tool used by more than 130 IXPs globally.

IXP Manager has been a great partner of the Internet Society for over four years. In 2020 we support IXP Manager as a platinum patron, and we continue to strengthen our partnership to support development of IXPs.

We partner with Flexoptix to provide Optical transceivers and technical trainings to the Internet Exchange Points.

Regional IX Associations

We partner with the African IXP Association (Af-IX) to organise the AfPIF and Virtual Peering Series – Africa events, as well as other IXP development activities such as capacity building, measurement projects, etc.

Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Assocciation (APIX) is our newest partner to coordinate and support IXP development activities in Asia-Pacific.

We are piloting a program with LACNIC to support IXPs in early stages. Together we are involved in capacity and community building activities for IXPs, including MANRS IXP programme.

We partner with The European Internet Exchange Association (EURO-IX) to support IXP development through their Fellowship Program and IXP Database project.

To grow, the Internet needs a strong community behind it.