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Call For Ideas: 2019 Research Funding Available

Topic: Data Collection on Consolidation

Up to 30 000 USD in research funding is available to  examine the effect consolidation is having on the Internet’s infrastructure. 

Consolidation is the action or process of combining things into a single whole. 

 In 2019 we released our annual Global Internet Report. In it, we uncovered that consolidation is changing the Internet as we once knew it.

But how? 

The report left us with more questions than answers.  That’s where we need your help. 

We are inviting anyone interested in uncovering data related to the issue of consolidation and how it is impacting the Internet.

Our goal is to create a repository of data for anyone to use published under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

Topics we need data for include but are not limited to:

  • Economic and technical dependencies, including those that might cause a favoured status that constrain the Internet’s natural evolution.
  • Impact of consolidation on “digital divides” and network developments in developing economies.
  • The extent to which consolidation is a result of particular characteristics of the service involved.
  • New Internet traffic patterns and network practices as a result of consolidation.
  • The impact of consolidation on the development of new protocols, standards, or practices.
  • Technical drivers for large-scale operations and consolidation.
  • Regulatory consideration, whether from the perspective of consumer protection, competition, or administrative law.
  • Impact of consolidation on innovation and/or cybersecurity
  • Consideration of how emerging technologies (e.g. 5G) may impact consolidation and fiber access networks.

To find out more about consolidation, please read our latest Global Internet Report. 

If you have questions, please contact

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