InterCommunity 2019: Community Forum on Encryption

InterCommunity is a way for the Internet Society community to connect, and to provide a space for discussion of the issues most relevant to people. This first session in 2019 was a one-hour virtual conversation about the advocacy work of our chapters on the topic of Internet encryption. 

During InterCommunity 2018, we invited the community to be part of shaping and re-imagining future events – to better reflect their interests and needs. Based on feedback we received, we’re trying something new for InterCommunity 2019. Rather than a single annual global meeting, we will have several virtual community roundtables in a webinar format on different issues critical to the future of the Internet. (Read more about the changes.)

For the community, by the community.

In this first InterCommunity 2019 session, we explored the work of Internet Society community members with governments and regulators in their own regions – and shared ideas and knowledge about how working together we can build a more secure Internet where encryption is available for everyone and is deployed by default.

Panelists and Participants
  • Paul Brooks, President, Internet Australia
  • Amrita Choudhury, President, ISOC Delhi Chapter
  • Hans Peter Dittler, Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees and President, ISOC German Chapter
  • Klaus Landefeld, Vice Chairman of the Management Board, Director Infrastructure & Network, eco – Association of the Internet Industry e.V.
  • Martin Thomson, Principle Engineer at Mozilla

Watch the recording

Date and Time

09:00 UTC

Monday 05 August 2019