Youth Ambassador Program Symposium 2023

Each year, the Internet Society chooses fifteen young, passionate people to participate in our Youth Ambassador Program, equipping the next generation of Internet leaders to collaborate and innovate for a better world. 

At the end of their whirlwind of a learning and development journey, we want to celebrate the work of our 2023 Youth Ambassadors at the Youth Ambassador Program Symposium. 

The event will have an exciting interactive format, with the fellows grouped into four major discussion groups: 

  • Group 1: Promoting the Internet
  • Group 2: Bridging the Digital Divide
  • Group 3: Empowering People
  • Group 4: Defending the Internet

Come prepared to participate, to give your feedback and your point of view on the different subjects discussed. 

Date and Time

13:00 – 15:30 UTC

Tuesday 14 November 2023