North American School for Internet Governance (NASIG) 2018

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NASIG is an in-depth capacity building event that focuses on teaching the development and application of the shared principles, norms, rules, policies, decision-making procedures and organizations that shape the evolution and use of the Internet. Additionally, NASIG seeks to empower the next generation of Internet leaders.

NASIG 2018 will be held in Puerto Rico from 7-9 March 2018 and will be followed by the celebration of ICANN 61 Public Forum meeting. We expect approximately 40 students coming in from Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico, and 16 lecturers.

About the Program

The curriculum is set-up following NASIG 2018 slogan: Many Challenges, One Internet: Your Role.

Following is a brief context explanation of the event’s tone, and perspective.

One Internet. The first part of the program is used to put the Internet Ecosystem into context, as a global network.

  • Introduction to Internet Governance
  • Internet Ecosystem
  • What makes the Internet Work?

Many Challenges. Highlighting important Internet Governance (IG) issues such as Cyber Security, Privacy, Trust, Fragmentation, and others.

Your Role. The last of part of the school is a call to action aimed at motivating the NASIG 2018 students to engage in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) space and Internet-related organizations that are influential in meeting the goals of creating a stronger Internet ecosystem.

Our President and CEO Kathy Brown, Olga Cavalli and Glenn McKnight, our Board members, and many chapter leaders will be speaking at this event.

Find draft program online here.

Read more about Internet Governance

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Date and Time

Wednesday 07 March 2018 –

Friday 09 March 2018


Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

377 Ponce De Leon Avenue, San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

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