2020 European Chapters Meeting

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The 2020 European Workshop was held 5-7 October and included the Internet Society 2020-21 projects of Encryption, Community Networks, and the Internet Way of Networking.

The 2020 European Chapters Workshop is a collaborative space that seeks to integrate the knowledge, experience and diversity of our community in order to strengthen the capacities and leadership necessary to work on our organizational mission and vision.

Objectives of this year’s virtual workshop were to:

  • Engage Chapter Leaders and members in Internet Society’s 2020-21 project work in an interactive environment and program
  • Share best practices and provide training on Chapter-specific development and governance issues
  • Create synergies between Chapters
  • Strengthen the community
  • Have fun in the process
Draft Agenda

Below is a condensed draft agenda of our session topics. Sessions started at 11:00 UTC each day.

5 October 2020

 A focus on European encryption policies and challenges, and the Internet Society’s project’s mission to ensure a trustworthy Internet.

Speaker: Ceren Unal, Regional Policy Manager Europe

Internet Way of Networking
Addressing the question: “How do you know if a policy, technology, or trend will impact the foundation that makes the Internet work for everyone?”

Speakers: Senior Policy Advisors Katie Watson Jordan and Carl Gahnberg; Konstantinos KomaitisSenior Director, Policy Strategy and Development; and Andrei Robachevsky, Senior Director, Technology Programmes

*!* Before attending, read the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit and the related mock study to get the most impact from the session.

6 October 2020

Community Networks
A discussion on how to close the digital divide using Community Networks and how you can support them.

Speakers: Max Stucchi, Regional Technical Advisor Europe, and Juan Peirano, Senior Policy Advisor

Trust and Traffic in the Covid-19 Era
In this session, two of our senior subject-matter experts will look at trust and the Internet from their different perspectives, and engage your views and experiences

Speakers: Robin Wilton, Director, Internet Trust and David Belson, Senior Director, Internet Research and Analysis

7 October 2020

Internet Society Foundation
What is the Internet Society Foundation? What grants are available? And how can my Chapter benefit?

Speakers: Mabel Gunda, Communications Manager, and Brittany Piovesan, Program Officer, Internet Society Foundation

Chapters – Business Case and Sustainability
A session where Chapters share their situations, solutions and challenges in funding models and tools

Speakers: Chapter Leaders and members like you who may have solutions to share

Who could participate?

This workshop was open to all European Chapter members who wish to learn and contribute to the development of their local Chapter. 

If you are not yet a Chapter member you can register and join next Chapters workshop. To do this, become as a member and select the Chapter to which you want to belong.

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Date and Time

11:00 UTC

Monday 05 October 2020 –

Wednesday 07 October 2020



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