APAC Insights #4: 
2020 in Retrospect: Is this the Year that Reshaped our Digital Future?

About APAC Insights

An online conversation sharing views and insights on current issues related to the Internet and its use in the Asia-Pacific.

The APAC Insights webinar series brings together thought leaders and subject matter experts to share and contrast experiences, explore challenges and opportunities, and provide insights into topical issues around the Internet. Each session takes place on Zoom and is broadcasted live on Livestream, Facebook, Periscope and Twitch. A Q&A segment provides an opportunity for attendees to ask panelists questions.

With the global pandemic causing major disruptions to our professional and personal lives, the topic for the first APAC Insights zoomed in on the role the Internet has played in helping communities deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The second APAC Insights webinar brought together a diverse panel to discuss misinformation, censorship and the open Internet.

The third session explored the ways the workforce has adjusted to the new work-from-home environment and the role technology has played in the adjustment. The session discussed the wide range of challenges with working from home, including the lack of access to sufficient bandwidth and appropriate devices, the lack of digital skills, cybersecurity issues, juggling work-life balance and isolation at home, and dealing with work overload, meeting fatigue and over-controlling supervisors.

In the final session of the year speakers highlighted some key trends in 2020 that could have significant implications on the future of the Internet. One major trend is increased attention on the tripartite struggle between end-users, governments and big tech companies. Another important trend is the felt digital divide during the pandemic, and the growing recognition for universal connectivity.

Image credit: ©Frederic Courbet/Panos Pictures