APAC Insights #1

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An online conversation sharing views and insights on current issues related to the Internet and its use in the Asia-Pacific.

What role has the Internet played in helping communities deal with the coronavirus pandemic?

The panelists discussed: 

  • How would it have been if the Internet didn’t exist in the way it does today?
  • What aspects have worked well, what hasn’t worked well?
  • Were there any special Internet offers by service providers in the wake of Covid19 and how has that helped?
  • What are some of the key learnings we have in using the Internet to deal with the pandemic?
  • What about those who are not online, which is a large part of our region in rural areas and includes minority and marginalised communities?
  • Are there any particular policy or infrastructure related initiatives that can be highlighted as best practice?


  • Ellen STRICKLAND, Chief Advisor, International, InternetNZ, New Zealand
  • Osama MANZAR, Founder/Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation, India
  • Sumon Ahmed SABIR, Chief Technology Officer, Fiber@Home Limited, Bangladesh

Moderator: Rajnesh SINGH, Regional Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Internet Society

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16:00 AEST
(06:00 UTC)

Wednesday 20 May 2020

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