APAC Insights#3

The New Normal: Home as the New Workplace

As economies slowly begin opening up after the first pandemic wave, it’s clear that going back to the ‘old normal’ of office work may be a very long road. Indeed, in many respects, we may end up with a new normal that is vastly different from the life we once knew.

Companies around the world have had to adjust to staff working from home on an extended basis. Making this way of working effective has meant putting in place new policies, procedures and technologies. Needless to say, the Internet has played a crucial role in enabling this shift to working from home.

Some companies have already said that remote working will be the primary mode of work for a significant part of their workforce for the near, and in some cases, long-term future – at least for companies that are able to function in this manner.

But how easy is it for staff to permanently adjust to this mode of working in a region as diverse as the Asia-Pacific? Can creativity, efficiency and productivity be maintained? Are all the technology pieces in place?

This session explored:

  • How can we adjust to and even embrace this new work-from-home environment and still be productive?
  • What role does technology play, and is the necessary infrastructure in place in the region?
  • How will the lessons from this pandemic shape the future of the workplace, and the future of the Internet itself?

The session ended with 5 tips and best practices to help you function better in the work-from-home environment.

Special Edition – In conversation with Phillip Raskin

Phillip Raskin has spent more than 25 years in communications, including 15 years in Asia, and has worked at PR agencies across Asia, the United States and Europe. He began his career as a writer, producer and video editor and served as country managing director for global public relations firms Burson-Marsteller in Korea and Text100 in Singapore.

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During this time, he has worked closely with many global clients in the technology sector, including Microsoft, Samsung, LG, HP, Adobe, Lenovo, Cisco and others, as well as with a number of corporate and government clients.

His experience also includes leading learning and development throughout Asia for a major PR agency holding company. He currently works with clients and individuals on developing and improving how they work through a combination of workshops, simulations, performance and sharing personal stories. In addition to his career in public relations, Phillip regularly performs stand-up and improve comedy, formerly onstage at venues throughout Asia but now mostly over Zoom. He also has a background in music performance and audio engineering.

Hosted by: Rajnesh Singh, Regional Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Internet Society

Date and Time

06:00 – 07:00 UTC

Wednesday 23 September 2020

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