The Internet Society Nominations Committee has received a petition by Kathleen M. Moriarty to add her name to the slate of candidates for the Organization Members election to the Internet Society Board of Trustees. Following is additional information provided by Kathleen M. Moriarty.

Election in which you wish to be considered a candidate:

Organization Members Election

Statement regarding your availability to devote appropriate time to board service:

As I understand, the Board of Directors meets in person three times a year. With ample notice, this and the time to prepare for in person and virtual meetings is possible. My team at Center for Internet Security is expanding and this role would be a very appropriate addition to further advance the mission of each organization.

Statement regarding the kind of contribution you would like to make to the board:

As Chief Technology Officer at Center for Internet Security, the focus of my team and our research is to make the Internet and security more accessible for the under resourced. This aligns with my passion to democratize security, in alignment with a book published after serving two terms as the IETF Security Area Director from March 2014-2018. Serving as an IETF Area Director provided great insight across all areas of the IETF, reading publication requests and observing trends for standards and the organizations behind the publications. “The Internet is for Everyone”, aligns nicely with my own work as well as that of Center for Internet Security. As a Board member, I would be able to contribute insight gained from our members, research, and past experience.

Declaration of potential conflicts of interest:

I am currently serving on the IETF Trust. I assume if selected, I would need to be replaced on the IETF Trust Board.

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