The Internet Society Nominations Committee has received a petition by Caleb Ogundele to add his name to the slate of candidates for the Chapters election to the Internet Society Board of Trustees. Following is additional information provided by Caleb Ogundele.

Election in which you wish to be considered a candidate:

Chapters Election

Statement regarding your availability to devote appropriate time to board service:

I assure the community and ISOC Chapters I hope to represent that I am fully committed and able to devote the necessary time and effort to fulfill my duties as a Board of Trustee member. I understand the importance of the role to our Chapters and the responsibilities that come with it, and I will make every effort to contribute to the success of the ISOC global within my capacity while representing diversity. 

Over the last eight years as a board member and President of my ISOC Chapter, I have devoted much of my time, resources and professional network in pursuit of having an open and resilient Internet for my community and Chapter using the ISOC Global Strategic action plan document to champion these causes and policy drives. I will be bringing my diverse skill set having served on a couple of global boards and have a clear understanding of what the local ISOC Chapter I hope to represent needs, especially in these contemporary times post-covid.

I am confident that my cultural background, diversity, geographical representation and previous board experiences both within the Internet Governance Ecosystem and out of it has prepared me well to serve as a Board of Trustee member. I am well-versed in the requirements of a Board of Trustee member and am committed to dedicating the necessary time and resources to serve the ISOC and the Chapters I will be representing effectively. I look forward to contributing my skills and knowledge to the Board in order to help achieve its goals and strategic plans

Statement regarding the kind of contribution you would like to make to the board:

I would aim to contribute to the realization of the Internet Society’s goals and objectives outlined in its strategic and well thought out Action Plans which will be as a result of a wider consultation with the specific needs of our local chapters. Specifically, this will be in collaboration with members of the Board of Trustees and staff. I would strive to promote an open, secure, and accessible Internet for everyone. I believe that my experience in promoting Internet access and digital inclusion through various initiatives and community outreach programs can be leveraged to advance the Society’s vision. I am also committed to collaborating with other Board members to develop and implement effective strategies that will ensure the continued growth and sustainability of the organization. Ultimately, I am eager to contribute my skills, expertise, and passion to help the Internet Society achieve its mission and make a positive impact.

I believe the ISOC Chapters are the ones putting more effort and energy at the local /national levels to do the advocacy work and projecting the vision of the ISOC Global at the national level as well as special interest groups and so needs more attention from the level of the board. These are some of the contributions I hope to advocate and bring to bear with the support of the ISOC Chapters which I hope to represent and other fellow Board members when elected.

  1. Deeper support for Internet Development and Penetration – LEO Satelite Technologies. Today, we are having new technological needs and Internet infrastructure deficiencies in some parts o the world, especially the developing countries and countries ravaged by war. We need to pay attention to chapters in these countries and provide the needed support for them to continue some of the
  2. Improved Admin Funding to the Chapters
  3. Support Improved Funding to National Schools of Internet Governance (SIG)
  4. Better funding support and focus for support of National and other regional IXPs
  5. More local support and visibility for Chapters to participate at global Internet Governance Forums.
  6. Advocate for Chapter Advisory Council to have at least an annual global assembly where they can network, share experiences and ideas, and birth new proof of concepts that can be adopted in other chapters.
  7. Working with the Governance Committee to make restructuring for inclusion and diversity across all strata.
  8. Improvement in technical and financial support to have increased interest and participation of all chapters at the IEFT when such chapters 
  9. Improve Policy Advisory Support to local Chapters to influence and support their National Government to help deliver on the core mandates of ISOC and her strategic action plans
  10. Advocating for improvement of the Governance Structure of the board on all matters that concern the ISOC local chapters that are strategically position to do the work.
  11. I’m still a firm believer in One World – One Internet and Internet for everyone. One of the contributions I will be proposing is our continuous support for strengthening what works and not breaking it with trust.
  12. There is still a big digital divide globally even in developed countries, especially with Indigenous communities. There is a need for more community-based funding support to build local community networks and improve on existing infrastructure.
  13. Active empowerment of the Chapter Advisory Council in ISOC governance processes.
  14. Encourage more research funding for the growth of the Internet
  15. Encourage strategic partnership to help ISOC realize its set goals.

I believe all these are achievable with the support of fellow board of trustee members and the ISOC Chapters I hope to represent.

Declaration of potential conflicts of interest:

I hereby confirm that I do not have any present or foreseeable conflicts of interest that could hinder my role if elected as a member of the Board of Trustees the Internet Society. In the event that any such conflicts of interest arise in the future, I will immediately disclose them without delay. It is my priority to maintain transparency and act with integrity in all matters related to my service as a Trustee.

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