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11 June 2018

CLIC Québec – The breaking point for discovery and online access to cultural content from Québec

By Destiny TchéhoualiGuest Author

In a context of renewal of cultural policies of Quebec and Canada in the digital era, ISOC Québec launched the project “CLIC Québec” thanks to the Beyond The Net grant granted by the Internet Society in July 2017. From that moment on, which soon be one year, ISOC Québec works through “CLIC Québec” on one hand to influence the political decision-makers and the end-users and on the other hand to identify and value the good practices regarding distribution, promotion and online access to local cultural content and products.

Taking advantage of the 1st Forum on Internet Governance in Quebec (FGI Quebec), which coincided with the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Internet Society in September 2017, ISOC Québec organized a workshop entitled “Network Cultures and Discoverability of the local content” in which some sixty participants (cultural professionals, cultural policy experts and consultants, metadata and semantic web specialists, researchers / academics, citizens and end-users) have jointly identified ten paths for action in order to increase the presence and influence on the Internet of cultural content from Québec.

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