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About Internet Society 27 February 2019

What is an Internet Society Chapter?

Internet Society Chapters are communities of like-minded people who work together to run educational events, networking events, and community and public policy programs. Chapters are formed by individual members of the Internet Society who share an interest and belief in our principles and mission. They are committed to growing and strengthening the Internet in their region.

How to join an Internet Society Chapter

You’ll need to be a member of the Internet Society to join a Chapter, so sign up to become a member if you haven’t already. Then join the Internet Society Chapter nearest you!

Why join a Chapter?

When you join an Internet Society Chapter, you’ll receive lots of great benefits – and use the Internet to make the world a better place. The more involved you get, the more value you get from your membership. Here are some great reasons to join your local Chapter:


You’ll meet people like you who share your interest in the Internet, and you’ll expand your network of contacts – ideal if you’re job hunting, growing your business, or just building a professional network.

Helping your community

You can make a difference in your local community – through grants and programs designed to help further our mission of a free and open Internet for all.

Grow your skills

Volunteering for your local Internet Society Chapter is a great way to grow your business skills and gain visibility among prospective employers or customers. You’ll be able to develop your communications, management, and leadership skills.

Make a difference to people’s lives

Internet Society Chapters run a variety of programs and events that make a real difference to people’s lives. These include public educational events about Internet-related issues such as security and child safety, and community programs to increase Internet access among the economically disadvantaged or those with disabilities. You’ll also have the chance to contribute to public policy programs, helping to inform policy and decision-makers on Internet issues like net neutrality, copyright protection, censorship, or human rights.

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