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Youth Standing Group

Empowering Young People for Global Impact

The Internet Society’s Youth Standing Group supports and promotes the involvement of young people from around the world in mainstream discussions about Internet governance, public policy, and the private sector. We welcome people of all ages interested in empowering young Internet champions to be effective advocates for and creators of a safe, robust, and secure Internet that’s accessible to everyone. 

Our activities include: 

  • Fostering new and sustainable collaborations with other Internet Society chapters and youth initiatives.
  • Increasing the presence of youth in the Internet Governance Forum and National and Regional IGF initiatives (NRIs).
  • Adapting training and advocacy efforts for our stakeholder groups.
  • Connect with other members over the topics you’re passionate about—topics chosen by the Internet Society community!

Featured Projects and Initiatives

a girl holding a microphone speaking at an event

The ElevateHER Internet Champions project aims to provide meaningful access to the youth women and girls to global fora. We provide individual Internet governance mentorship and online training to these young women.

four person turned back looking at a city

This initiative aims to connect like-minded young people by supporting and fostering local youth initiatives and providing opportunities to pool ideas, experiences, opportunities, and best practices.

Photo of IGF Youth Ambassadors

Each year, the Internet Society selects thirty young, passionate people to participate in our Youth Ambassador Program, equipping the next generation of Internet leaders to collaborate and innovate for a better world. We are proud to provide mentorship to some of these ambassadors.

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Lead Facilitator:  João Falcão
  • Vice Facilitator: Natálie Terčová
  • Secretary:  Ananda Gautam
  • Board Members:  Germán López Ardila,  Izaan Khan, Ida Na-Tei

Ready to Get Involved? 

If you’re already an Internet Society member and wish to participate in the Youth Standing Group, join the conversation.

Interested, but not an Internet Society member yet? Join today!

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