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Kilima: Highlights from ISOC Africa – October 2019


4th Summit on Community Networks in Africa

The 4th Summit on Community Networks (CNs) in Africa was successfully held in Dodoma, Tanzania from 28 October – 2 November 2019 in partnership with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and hosted by the University of Dodoma. The format of the Summit consisted of 2 days of valuable training sessions, 2 days of plenary and 2 days of site visit to the Kondoa CN for more hands-on technical learning & sharing of best practices. This year, the Summit received 134 participants from 18 countries globally. Of these 36 participants were women and 77 participants from Tanzania. The notable participation of women was important in addressing the gender gaps that exist particularly on matters related to access. 20 CNs were also represented at this 4th Summit. For more here.

Lubumbashi IXP Workshop and LUBIX Launch

The Internet Society in collaboration with ISPA DRC organized a 4 day IXP Technical Aspects workshop in Lubumbashi, DRC that culminated in the launch of the Lubumbashi IXP. The Facebook IXP Partnership program provided equipment donation, training and technical assistance for the launch of the IXP. The Internet Society ARB and Facebook were represented at the event. For more here. 

Benin IXP Workshop

A peering roadshow and Technical Aspects training was held in Benin from 7-11 October 2019 in collaboration with Benin IXP, ISOC Benin Chapter and the Ministère du Numérique et de la Digitalisation du Bénin. The workshop received 21 participants from 17 organizations in Benin. The event was made possible through the Facebook IXP partnership program

GFCE and GCSC meetings in Addis Ababa

The Internet Society participated to the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) and the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) meetings that took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 8-11 October 2019. At the opening of the GFCE meeting, H.E Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) Kwesi Quartey highlighted the AUC/ISOC Personal Data Protection Guidelines as an important achievement for Africa. For more here. 

African Union STC Meeting

The 3rd STC on Communication and ICT (CCICT-3) of the AUC took place in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt from 22-26 October 2019. The ARB in partnership with APC facilitated a session titled “Capacity building on Access to Basic Infrastructure and Services for Rural and Remote Areas” that created awareness on CNs as a complementary solution for connecting the unconnected. During the same session, a presentation on Consolidation on the Internet was also given to the STC participants from 29 African Union Member States. For more here.

TechWeek Nairobi

TechWeek took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 3-4 October 2019. The 2 day conference attracted more than 100 people. It included various technical presentations and discussion on Internet related technology. For more here.

Various NOG events in Africa

The following NOG events took place in October: Rwanda NOG, Somali NOG, Sudan NOG, and Nigeria NOG. Feedback from the events will be shared in the next update.

Online training 

More than 214 trainees completed the online Introduction to Network Operations Course in English over the months of September to October 2019. Approximately 70 trainees started the English and French courses in October 2019 and will complete the course in November 2019.

Workshop on (Re) Building the Ethiopian Internet Together

The Network for Digital Rights in Ethiopia (NDRE), the Ethiopian Network Operators Group (EtNOG) and the Internet Society, organized a workshop on “(Re) Building the Ethiopian Internet Together”, on October 9, 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The meeting focused on discussing the gaps Ethiopia has to fill to create a striving Internet ecosystem and the timely role the Ethiopian ICT community can play in building and shaping the development of the Internet. Expert panelists from different African countries and Internet Society involved in building the Internet infrastructure around the world participated in the workshop. For more here.

Building and strengthening our Community: Chapter’s Update

Community Engagement meeting: ISOC Tanzania Chapter and 53 local individual members gathered during the 4th CNs Summit in Africa for a fruitful networking and discussion session on ISOC’s 2020 projects and beyond.

ISOC Senegal Chapter: The 7th Senegal National IGF took place from 22-23 October 2019 under the theme: “Development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Senegal: Challenges and Prospects.” This forum helped gather inputs and contributions for the Senegal Multistakeholder IoT Security Project.

ISOC Mali Chapter: The 1st Mali National IGF was held on 31 October 2019. Among the discussions held was the state and challenges of Personal Data Protection in Mali. In light of this, one of the suggestions put forward was to organize a local workshop to implement the recommendations of the AUC/ISOC Personal Data Protection Guidelines.

ISOC Namibia Chapter: Partnered with Facebook to organize a training workshop on Fake News and Electoral Democracy in Namibia on 10-11 October 2019. 

ISOC Tanzania Chapter: Successfully organized the 5th Tanzania National IGF on 16 October 2019 and hosted the 2019 East Africa IGF from 17-18 October 2019. The Internet Society sponsored the East Africa IGF and provided livestream for both events. 

Upcoming Events

4 – 8 November 2019: SADC Capacity Building Workshop on RIXP-NIXP Connectivity and M&E for SADC RIXP Project, Harare, Zimbabwe 

5 – 6 November 2019: SADC Regional Dialogue on Internet Access, Johannesburg, South Africa 

12 November 2019: Ethiopian Communications Authority Stakeholder Consultation on the opening of the telecom market

17 – 22 November 2019: IETF 106, Singapore

22 November 2019: Deadline for written submissions to the Ethiopian Communications Authority Stakeholder Consultation on the opening of the telecom market 

In the News

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Take on Tech – Michuki Mwangi along with TunapandaNET and Umoja-Lanet CNs talk about CNs on a 40 minutes nation-wide live broadcast TV

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