Beyond the Net 20 June 2017

Interim Report Uganda Wikipedia

Internet usage is on the rise in Uganda. As of June of last year, roughly 37% of Ugandans were online, up from an estimated 10% five years earlier. The problem is these new users aren’t finding enough material in their language. Internet Society Uganda Chapter has come up with a quick way to increase the amount of content in the most commonly spoken language in Uganda. They will translate content from English Wikipedia into Luganda.
They will also train Ugandan high school students to become Wikipedia editors and encourage the use of Wikipedia as an educational resource.

Project’s goals:
1. Generate up to 300 translated articles on Wikipedia
2. Translate Wikipedia software into Luganda
3. Train students and teachers on how to access and contribute to Wikipedia
4. Create awareness on the use of Luganda Wikipedia in the selected schools
5. Conduct advocacy meetings for the adoption of Luganda Wikipedia as an educational resource in Uganda schools

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