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Everyone should have access to an open and trusted Internet.
Read our reports, papers, and other documents for insight and vision on how we can get there.

Action Plan 2024

Our roadmap for tackling the threats and challenges for today’s Internet as we look to grow and defend it for future generations.

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2023 Year in Review

The Year in Review shows the steps we took in 2023 to ensure the Internet is for everyone. Learn about the positive difference we made for the Internet.

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Internet Impact Briefs

Shorter reports that analyze how different policies or new technologies may affect what the Internet needs to exist and thrive.

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Global Internet Report (GIR)

From trust to consolidation, access to sustainability, a deep look at the forces shaping our digital future.

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Policy Briefs

Our perspective on critical Internet issues, including community networks, encryption, open Internet standards, Internet Exchange Points, and more.

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IPv6 and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

A "content delivery network" (CDN) (also called a "content distribution network") is a service that takes your existing content and makes it available through a global network of distribution servers ...

IPv6 Hosting Providers

Does the hosting provider for your website offer IPv6 connectivity? If they do not - and are not going to provide IPv6 connectivity any time soon, you may want to ...


DNSSEC-Trigger from NLnet Labs is a fascinating experimental tool that solves a fundamental problem that many end-users do not have access to a local DNS resolver that supports DNSSEC.  DNSSEC-Trigger ...

IPv6 For All Book (ISOC Argentina)

IPv6 For All BookThe ISOC Argentina Chapter, in conjunction with the 6DEPLOY Project, recently released an excellent book in PDF form called IPv6 For All: A Guide for IPv6 Usage and Application in ...

Google IPv6 Statistics

Google maintains a page showing the percentage of visitors to their site that connect using IPv6:


IPv6 Act Now

The following link is the RIPE NCC-managed IPv6 Act Now resource. It offers great basic information about IPv6, including some very good multimedia content.


ARIN IPv6 Wiki

The following link is to the ARIN IPv6 Wiki. This resource was created by ARIN and is regularly updated with new information by community members.


Wikipedia IPv6

The following link is to the Wikipedia entry for IPv6. It provides very good background information about IPv6 and very well answers many basic questions about the resource.


Jen Linkova Slides

The following link takes you to a presentation prepared by Jen Linkova that provides a very good high level and technical overview of IPv6.


Number Resource Organization

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is a coordinating body for the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) that manage the distribution of Internet number resources including IP addresses and Autonomous System ...

NIST Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment Guide

The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created an excellent "Special Publication" related to DNSSEC: Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment Guide Like many of NIST's Special ...

Video: How DNSSEC Works

This silent video created by Shinkuro, Inc., provides a good visualization of how DNS works normally, how an attacker can hijack DNS queries, and how DNSSEC can protect the integrity ...

Organization Reports

On annual basis, we publish annual reports (an Action Plan and Impact Report), as well as financial reports, annual financial statements, and Form 990s.