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Youth Ambassadors 2024

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Aaron Promise Mbah

As a seasoned Digital Innovation and Development Communication Strategist, I lead the charge at Tlits Innovation Lab, an esteemed think tank and innovation hub committed to spearheading significant digital transformations. My role centers around empowering organizations to embrace cutting-edge technologies and resources, paving the way for unprecedented business growth.

Additionally, I work as the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Illmi Children’s Fund, a Nigerian NGO that strives to improve access to quality education in underprivileged communities. My expertise is rooted in finance, complemented by extensive experience in monitoring and evaluating development projects.

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Bhoomika Agarwal

As a Senior Research Associate at The Dialogue, a premier tech policy think tank, I work with the Competition and AI Policy verticals to address key challenges in the tech industry through research and engagement. 

My professional experience has covered a range of intriguing topics, from the complexities of electronic commerce to the subtleties of data security and protection.

In the past, I have worked with well-respected organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations, where I focused on critical issues surrounding women’s safety.

A woman in a white shirt posing against a blue wall.

Dana Cramer

I am currently pursuing my PhD studies in the joint Communication and Culture program at Toronto Metropolitan University and York University, Canada. My research ambitiously navigates the complex intersection of evolving technologies, Internet protocols, broadband, and geopolitics. My academic foundation includes a BA (Hons) and MA in Communication and Media Studies, along with Certificates in Sustainability Studies and University Teaching and Learning, all from the University of Calgary, my beloved hometown.
In my current position as a Digital Policy Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, I explore the complex world of Internet governance.

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Elia Kostopoulou

As a trainee lawyer, I am deeply passionate about issues surrounding digital rights, freedom of speech, and climate change, and particularly their influence on the dynamics of the Internet. My engagement as a Youth Ambassador, Youth Delegate, and board member of various influential organizations has significantly enriched my understanding of global issues and inspired innovative ideas for potential practices.
I strongly advocate for the inclusion of youth voices in leadership roles within digital governance, and I actively embody this principle through my participation in corporate discussions, Internet Governance Forum groups, and W3C community debates. Additionally, I engage with Big Tech groups, contributing to conversations that shape the future of digital policy and governance.

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Fatou Sarr

As a recent graduate with an international Master’s degree in Green Hydrogen, Renewable Energy Technology, and Climate Change, I have specialized in economics, policies, and infrastructure related to these fields. My research focused on the nuances of cost-efficiency losses and the effects of economies of scale in producing hydrogen and e-methanol from direct air capture.
Beyond academia, I am deeply committed to education and climate change activism. As the founder of the Opportunity for Success online platform, I lead efforts to disseminate daily educational opportunities, aiding youth access while actively combating misinformation. This initiative aligns with my belief in empowering young minds through knowledge and opportunity.

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Felipe Rocha da Silva

As a digital rights activist based in Brazil, I am dedicated to safeguarding privacy, challenging surveillance practices, and advocating for inclusive Internet governance. I hold a law degree from the University of Brasilia and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in digital law at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France.
In my role as a project coordinator at the Laboratory of Public Policy and Internet (LAPIN), a think tank specializing in surveillance, data governance, and AI, I lead initiatives and advise on privacy and surveillance for the Brazilian Rights in Network Coalition (CDR). My work centers on the intersection of surveillance technology with civil and human rights, particularly in public security.

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Gustavo Fonseca Ribeiro

As a lawyer from Brazil, my fascination lies in the governance of our digital world. I strongly believe that cyberspace, much like the walls of our homes, reflects the values of its inhabitants. Yet, there’s a significant voice missing in this digital realm – that of the Global South. My digital advocacy is dedicated to empowering the Global South communities, ensuring their voices are not only heard but also influencing development, all while aligning with international human rights standards.
In Brazil, my work with the Laboratory of Public Policy and Internet (LAPIN) focused on tackling critical challenges such as disinformation, surveillance, and Internet shutdowns in both my home country and Latin America at large. This experience has been foundational in shaping my understanding of digital governance.

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Hijab Siddiqui

As a lawyer with a passion for human rights and technology, my experience lies in policy development, research, advocacy, and capacity building. My aim is to contribute to the formulation of both national and international policies on Internet Governance and Big Tech regulation, adopting a human rights-based approach and incorporating perspectives from the Global Majority.
My educational journey includes completing the Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Human Rights Policy and Practice across four countries — the UK, Sweden, Spain, and Norway. Prior to this, I earned an LLM in International Law and justice from Fordham University, USA, and an LLB from the University of London International Programmes in Pakistan.

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Juliet Rogers
(Sierra Leone)

As the founder and COO of Stories that Inspire Planetary Consciousness (SIPC), I’ve leveraged storytelling to drive awareness and action on climate change and global issues. My work combines extensive research on topics like human behavior, societal development, and waste management to create impactful narratives.
I’ve authored various publications, including “The Evils Climate Change Pose to the Environment: A Special Focus on Sierra Leone” in the IJSBAR (2022) and “Waste Management & Its Impacts on Economic Growth” by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. These works highlight crucial environmental challenges and their economic implications.

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Kathleen Scoggin
(United States)

As the Program Coordinator for the Tech, Law, and Security Program at the American University Washington College of Law, I play a pivotal role in managing the logistical and administrative facets of the program. My responsibilities include orchestrating communication among faculty, students, and external partners, as well as coordinating conferences and events.
My career journey has included significant contributions to diverse initiatives, such as an ITU research project on Women in Cybersecurity, the North American School of Internet Governance (on the planning committee), and ICANN.

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Milagros Urtasun

As a research analyst at SmC+, a policy strategy firm, I research and analyze data governance, AI, and digital transformation policies, with a particular focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to this role, I gained hands-on experience in launching pioneering projects in both the public and private sectors of Argentina.
With a background in public policy and international relations, I am especially interested in the transformative potential of emerging technologies in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, as well as contributing to the creation of a digital world that is more open, secure, and innovative for all.
When I’m not immersed in books or in front of my computer, you can find me on my yoga mat or in the swimming pool.

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Olamiposi Fasina

As a dedicated legal practitioner at ODR Africa network, I am at the forefront of advocating for the use of technology to ensure universal access to impartial justice, transcending geographical limitations, and overcoming barriers that individuals face. As part of my continuous learning, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Cyber Law at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. My research focuses on the interplay between law and technology.
I have specialized training in penetration testing from the Cybersafe Foundation, which complements my legal knowledge and skills. My aim is to bridge the gap between these two domains by integrating my technical expertise with my legal acumen.

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Susan Ibukun Akinade

As a licensed legal professional with a specialty in intellectual property, technology law, and policy, I bring four years of experience advising on law and policy issues in these fields across Africa. I am a proud alumnus of the University of Lagos, where I earned my Bachelor of Laws degree. Currently, I am making impactful contributions as an attorney at one of the top-ranking law firms in Africa, with expansive operations in Nigeria and throughout the continent.
My professional commitment is centered around guiding technology companies and startups, ensuring they navigate and comply with legal frameworks while innovating and launching solutions that address a myriad of challenges in the African market.

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Tabitha Wangechi

As a digital security trainer and Cyber Diplomat, I am also proud to be the Founder of Digital Rurals. My objective is to connect the unconnected to the digital world and safeguard those already connected.
I am deeply committed to promoting online safety and security, as well as narrowing the digital and gender gaps. My goal is to shape a sustainable future for the Internet in Africa, ensuring that everyone has equal access and protection in the digital world.
Apart from advocating for digital rights, I also enjoy the tranquility of nature by exploring new trails in the mountains. These serene moments help me find balance and inspiration for my work.

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Vladislav Ivanets
(Russian Federation)

As a journalist and media researcher, I am deeply engaged in the realms of civil society development, freedom of expression, and the regulation of the digital space. Originally hailing from Russia, I am currently based in Turkey. With a Master’s degree in Journalism, I have over 10 years of professional experience as a content manager for local NGOs and creative companies, as well as a reporter for Russian independent online media.
Since 2020, I have been actively participating in regional and international Internet Governance initiatives. My involvement in the Youth Board of CCTLD.RU, SEEDIG, YouthDIG, EuroDIG, and IGF reflects my dedication to fostering meaningful and community-centered regulation in the digital landscape.