Internet of Things (IoT) 19 October 2018

Joint Communique with The FashionTech Week on Security of IoT Devices

The FashionTech Week and the Internet Society call manufacturers of connected wearables to promote security and privacy practices to not only secure IoT devices when shipped, but through their entire lifecycle. Their efforts should involve government agencies, NGOs, trade organizations, consumer advocates and industry leaders.

“Tech wearables with inadequate security, known vulnerabilities, insufficient lifecycle support and poor privacy controls are introducing both online security and physical safety issues” said Maud Etienne from the FashionTech Week.

“The Internet Society’s IoT Trust Framework is focused on identifying core requirements for manufacturers for effective IoT privacy and security and promoting best practices that encourage the deployment of Internet technologies to build trust in IoT,” explained Constance Bommelaer de Leusse from the Internet Society. “If companies are in the business of selling smart devices, they need to embrace security and privacy by design and implement responsible privacy standards and policies to protect users before calling them smart” added Frédéric Donck, also from the Internet Society.

The FashionTech Week is an annual event that gathers emerging practices, new initiatives and innovative conceptions in contemporary fashion. Since its origins this movement launched in Paris in 2014 by a collective of women-entrepreneurs (Maud Etienne, Alice Gras, Julie Delaude et Lee Anderson), is thought as a collaborative international initiative and FashionTech Weeks are now organized in different cities like Lyon and Biarritz highlighting local specificities.

The Internet Society, an international non-profit dedicated to the open development, evolution and use of the Internet.

Do your devices know more about the Internet than you do? Time to get smart and #SecureIt!

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