Building Trust 6 August 2014

Industry Support of Email Integrity Best Practices

Industry support & testimonies of email authentication best practices to help protect consumer’s data, privacy and identity.

Press Release             2014 Email Integrity Audit

  • “Email is a cybercriminal’s best friend – companies don’t stand a chance in winning the consumer protection war without successful implementation of DMARC, SPF
    and DKIM,” Patrick Peterson, Founder & CEO, Agari.
  • “At Distil Networks, security begins at home. Before we can protect our customers from the multitude of threats that exist online, including email, we have to first make sure that we practice the best security measures ourselves,” said Rami Essaid, CEO and Co-founder of Distil Networks. “In doing so, we are able to continue to deliver a superior level of protection, providing companies with the ability to prevent malicious bots from attacking their emails, and help keep their brands, reputations and customers safe.”
  • “More than 90% of breaches start with fraudulent email.  Email authentication and DMARC help recipients distinguish real from fake and avoid delivery of malicious messages, protecting brands, users and enterprises from fraud”, Jeff Wilbur, Vice President of Marketing, Iconix, Inc.
  • “We have seen great results for our customers that have implemented a fully-monitored DMARC solution on top of a comprehensive e-mail authentication regime with DKIM and/or SPF.  Across the spectrum of customers who we handle phishing and other spoofing issues for, this combination has led to faster, more comprehensive detection of spoofing and attempts to defraud users of our customers’ services.  We highly recommend this as a BCP for any organization being spoofed.” Rod Rasmussen, President & CTO, IID.
  • “Email is a valuable business communication tool and steps should be taken to properly secure it.  Bad actors are constantly employing phishing and spear-phishing attacks in an attempt to trick your employees, partners, and customers into revealing personal and financial information.  When properly implemented, SPF, DKIM and DMARC can go a long way to secure your email.  These forms of authentication not only confirm the real sender of an email, they are an important email deliverability best practice and allow for the detection of phishing, spoofing and spam emails,” James Koons, Chief Privacy Officer, Listrak.
  • “In my more than ten years of helping customers of all sizes with their deliverability, I have seen many of them have their delivery harmed by spoofing attacks. When they implemented SPF, DKIM, and especially DMARC, these problems decreased significantly. Authentication is a must these days when it comes to email delivery, ” Tim Starr, Director of Deliverability, Maropost Inc.
  • “From the positive effects we’re seeing across the industry, it’s clear that DMARC is succeeding as intended in deterring malicious email attacks – which is great news. Message Systems will continue to provide the technologies our customers need to quickly implement SPF, DKIM and DMARC to protect their brands and customers.” said Phillip Merrick, Chief Executive Officer, Message Systems.
  • “Over 400 million Microsoft users worldwide are realizing the benefits of SPF, DKIM and DMARC. As email threats and spear phishing grow, every business should make email authentication a priority to help protect their consumers, their employees and their brands,” said John Scarrow, General Manager Safety Services, Microsoft Corporation.
  • “Combined SPF, DKIM and DMARC has helped to block hundreds of thousands of messages, helping to protect our customers from potential email threats. DMARC is invaluable and promises to be one of the most noteworthy developments in the email industry in the last decade.” Sal Tripi, Assistant Vice President, Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House.
  • “Implementing DMARC stopped nearly 25 million attempted attacks on our customers. Not only is DMARC shutting down spoofed domain attacks, but it has also cut the overall volume of daily attacks in half since 2012,” added Trent Adams, Senior Advisor on Email Security for PayPal and eBay Inc.
  • “SPF and DKIM are vitally important for email senders to implement today, but they are merely table stakes in an escalating battle against email fraud. DMARC is a powerful solution empowering senders who are prone to brand infringement and malicious attacks.” Robert Holmes, General Manager, Fraud & Brand Protection Services, Return Path.
  • “TRUSTe is honored to be featured in the OTA Email Integrity Audit,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. “Implementing email security best practices, including authentication protocols, help protect consumers from fraudulent emails and enable businesses to protect the integrity of their brands.”  Read TRUSTe Blog 
  • It is great to see several leading organizations adopting email authentication to protect their own brands and the security of their customers. However more organizations need to follow suit.  Online trust is a global imperative and those leading the charge serve as a beacon to other organizations globally, “Manish Goel, CEO TrustSphere.
  • “DMARC allowed us to dramatically reduce the number of emails forged to our users,” said Josh Aberant, Postmaster at Twitter. “That was a direct benefit to our users by blocking these impersonations.”

About OTA: 

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) is a non-profit with the mission to enhance online trust and user empowerment while promoting innovation and the vitality of the Internet. Its goal is to help educate businesses, policy makers and stakeholders while developing and advancing best practices and tools to enhance the protection of users’ security, privacy and identity. OTA supports collaborative public-private partnerships, benchmark reporting, and meaningful self-regulation and data stewardship. Its members and supporters include leaders spanning the public policy, technology, ecommerce, social networking, mobile, email and interactive marketing, financial, service provider, government agency and industry organization sectors.

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