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Anchoring the African Internet Ecosystem Lessons from Kenya and Nigeria’s Internet Exchange Point Growth

This report shows how Internet Exchange Points Kenya and Nigeria have dramatically boosted their levels of locally exchanged Internet traffic.

When local traffic stays local, Internet access is faster and more affordable.

Between 2012 and 2020, the levels jumped from 30% to 70%. This has led to significant cost savings for participating networks and puts these two countries in a strong position to participate in the digital economy.

This happened because a community of passionate people on the ground – technical experts, policymakers, regulators, and businesses – embraced an essential piece of infrastructure: Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

Our new report gives an update on a study published in 2012, which examined two of Africa’s more advanced Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) at the time – KIXP in Kenya and IXPN in Nigeria.

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