World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) 2022

The Internet transforms lives for the better. It helps communities thrive during times of crisis. Yet nearly three billion people are still unconnected. They’re missing out on the promise of the Internet.

We want governments to support new, innovative policies to connect the next billion.

How can they help close the global digital divide? By adopting new policy approaches that support complementary connectivity solutions—like community networks and Internet Exchange Points.

What is WTDC? 

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) believes in the power of information and communications technology to advance economic prosperity and development. Through their ITU Telecommunication Development Sector, they’re leading work to close the digital divide and drive digital transformation. The World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) is the engine that makes it possible. Organized every four years along with Regional Preparatory Meetings​, these forums foster discussion and help guide the ITU’s work.

Why Does the WTDC Matter?

The World Conferences set the agenda and the guidelines for discussions that will happen in the following four-year cycle on the ITU Development Sector, while the Regional Conferences review “works-in-progress” toward the overall objectives and ensure that goals are met.

Promoting enabling policies during the WTDC is an important milestone. This will steer us toward the goal of achieving universal connectivity.

Our Work

We participated in Regional Preparatory Meetings (RPMs) to promote policies that power community networks. Here’s what we’ve done:

Get Involved

During the WTDC we presented the pledges we made to the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition. Our pledges will help grow the Internet and develop technical skills that support the goal of achieving universal connectivity. 

Fostering enabling policies locally is key to achieve universal connectivity. You can learn more about the Internet Society’s positions on key issues on our Resolution Matrix and help policymakers make informed decisions.

You can also check the WTDC Background Paper to find actions governments and regulators can take to create an enabling environment for community networks and IXPs to flourish and expand the Internet infrastructure.

Get in Touch

We can achieve more when we work together. Connect with us at WTDC and learn how to foster policies that will help achieve universal connectivity.

Get started by reaching out to the Internet Society’s Senior Policy Advisor, Juan Peirano, at [email protected]!

Image credit: © Nyani Quarmyne


Date and Time

Monday 06 June 2022 –

Sunday 12 June 2022


Kigali, Rwanda

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