Partner2Connect: A Global Effort to Achieve Universal Internet Access

Nearly three billion people are being left behind. They’re living without the Internet.

Hundreds of millions more have Internet services that are unreliable or that they can’t afford.

In the past couple of years we’ve seen first hand how vital the Internet has become to our daily lives. It’s critical to sustainable development and the base for an emerging digital economy. But now, when it’s needed more than ever, it’s out of reach for far too many. The traditional model of providing Internet service can’t reach people everywhere and fewer people are coming online every day.

We work to grow the Internet and reach people who need it the most. In the last two years alone we’ve supported 58 community networks, 54 Internet exchange points in more than 40 countries.

Because the Internet is for everyone, we’re joining the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C) and pledging to scale our work to help achieve universal connectivity.

We’ve been working with partners throughout the world for more than a decade to help close the digital divide. The Partner2Connect coalition calls for stakeholders to joins forces to achieve an even greater impact. We need like-minded partners committed to achieving universal connectivity. Together.

Partner2Connect is a multistakeholder alliance launched by the International Telecommunication Union to foster universal connectivity and digital transformation globally, with a focus on the hardest-to-connect communities.

Our Goals

By 2025, we will achieve:

Complementary connectivity solutions supported to help connect those who need it the most

People trained to build and maintain Internet infrastructure

Here’s How You Can Help

Growing the Internet requires a lot of resources, and you can help. Your partnership and donations can help us deliver:

  • Equipment for local infrastructure
  • Engagement and readiness assessment with the communities
  • Workshops and training to develop technical skills
  • An online learning platform accessible to anyone, at any time
  • Policy engagement that fosters Internet growth and brings more people online
  • Project management and support
We are so excited that the Internet has been brought to the village. Schooling as we know it has changed, and my friends and I can now access the Internet and get any information at any time of the day on any topic we want.”

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Image copyright: © Nyani Quarmyne