Partner2Connect: A Global Effort to Achieve Universal Internet Access

2.6 billion people are being left behind. They’re living without the Internet.

Hundreds of millions more have unreliable or unaffordable Internet services.

We joined the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C) in June 2022 and pledged to scale our work to help achieve universal connectivity.

Partner2Connect is a multistakeholder alliance launched by the International Telecommunication Union to foster universal connectivity and digital transformation globally, with a focus on the hardest-to-connect communities.

Our Goals

Support 100 solutions to connect the unconnected by 2025

Train 10,000 people to build and maintain Internet infrastructure by 2025

You can help.


When you donate, you help deliver resources like:

  • Equipment for local infrastructure
  • Engagement and readiness assessment with the communities
  • Workshops and training to develop technical skills
  • An online learning platform accessible to anyone, at any time
  • Policy engagement that fosters Internet growth and brings more people online
  • Project management and support

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Our Progress since 2022

complementary access solutions supported

people trained

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