West Africa Peering Forum (WAPF) 2022

The Impact of Infrastructure Development on Internet Ecosystem in West Africa Region: Contribution of New Submarine Cable and Carrier Neutral Datacenter

West Africa’s Internet sector has seen some commendable progress, especially when it comes to broadband penetration and residential Internet access, with mobile Internet taking the lead of the most used technologies.

On the other hand, its peering and interconnection ecosystem has only seen a slow growth of newly connected peers, networks at Internet exchange points (IXPs), traffic exchanged, new IXPs launched, e.t.c. Some West African countries still don’t have an IXP.

The West African Peering Forum (WAPF) is one of the major events of the peering community in the subregion. In this year’s WAPF, the peering community discussed the challenges and provided concrete recommendations on how to overcome the obstacles hampering the development and progress of West Africa’s peering and interconnection ecosystem.

Date and Time

14:00 UTC (15:00 WAT)

Thursday 21 July 2022




Portrait photo  of Adumike Anthon Obinna

Adumike Anthon Obinna

Head of Peering and Interconnection/Responsable de peering et d’interconnexion, Rack Centre

Adumike Anthony Obinna has over 10 years of experience working in various technology positions in Nigeria and across the region. I have a background in Network and communications technologies. I… Read more about Adumike Anthon Obinna

Portrait photo  of Ben Ryall

Ben Ryall

Edge Strategy Manager/Responsable de la stratégie Edge, Meta

Ben has been at Meta for just over 4.5 years and is responsible for the Edge Strategy in SSA – this includes, with the team, partnering with ISPs and focusing… Read more about Ben Ryall

Portrait photo  of Magloire Hiol

Magloire Hiol

Managing Director/Directeur général, PAIX Data Centres

Magloire is the Managing Director of PAIX Data Centres for Cote d’Ivoire & Ghana. With his teams, he works on creating a more connected continent, through the development of a… Read more about Magloire Hiol

Portrait photo  of Yolandi Robinson

Yolandi Robinson

Peering & Interconnect Specialist/Spécialiste de peering et d’interconnexion, Teraco Data Environments

Started her career at Teraco Data Environments. First as an intern in the marketing department before joining the NAPAfrica peering & interconnection team, where she has been ever since. The… Read more about Yolandi Robinson

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