West Africa IGF 2021

Digital Inclusion and Access for a Resilient West Africa

The West Africa Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF) 2021 aims to promote Internet Governance issues in West Africa through a multi-stakeholder process.

On 28 July, 14:45 – 16:15 UTC, Dawit Bekele, Regional Vice President for Africa participated in high level panel entitled “Digital Inclusion and Access for a Resilient West Africa”.

On 29 July, the Internet Society facilitated two sessions, on Community Networks (11:00 UTC) and Internet Way of Networking (13:00 UTC).

The session on Internet Way of Networking discussed how the DearGov and the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter utilised the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit to assess implications of the proposed Nigeria Social Media Bill.

The Community Networks session served as an opportunity to discuss some essential tools and resources for community networks. It brought together community network communities from West Africa to share their views on how an enabling policy environment can help community networks thrive and become a viable option to help connect the unconnected.

Date and Time

Wednesday 28 July 2021 –

Friday 30 July 2021