World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum (WTPF-21)

Preparations for WTPF 2021

The Plenipotentiary directed the Secretary-General to organize the WTPF. To assist him, he convened an Informal Expert Group (IEG) to assist in the preparation of the Secretary-General’s report, which was the main input to the forum. The Internet Society has a representative on the IEG and has been actively involved in the preparations.

The draft report, including draft opinions, was created by ITU Secretariat in four versions, each subject to a round of comments from the IEG and public consultations. The drafts are available on the ITU website.

The final Secretary General’s report should be published in November 2021 following the sixth and final IEG-WTPF-21. The outcome of the forum will be the Chairman’s report, based on the Secretary-General’s report, which will include draft opinions, and the main views expressed at the forum.


Date and Time

Thursday 16 December 2021 –

Saturday 18 December 2021


Geneva and Online