MozFest Panel: Building a movement to protect and defend our strongest security shield online

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In 2021, the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC) built the largest social movement ever to promote and defend our strongest tool for security and privacy online: encryption.

Why campaign for encryption? Governments worldwide are increasingly trying to ban or undermine encryption – a critical security tool that keeps people and countries worldwide safe both online and in real life.

The GEC’s Make the Switch campaign rallied journalists, LGBTQ+ advocates, activists, tech experts, civil society organizations and companies to promote and defend our use of strong encryption leading up to the first Global Encryption Day on October 21, 2021. This international day of action featured over 70 supporter-led events spanning all continents, the Who’s Listening online game played in over 80 countries, and a social-driven education campaign that reached over 50M people worldwide.

Part masterclass and part workshop, this session will teach participants how the Global Encryption Coalition built a global movement for change and a proactive campaign leading to the first Global Encryption Day. We will hear from various GEC members on how they used this platform to build local advocacy campaigns leading to significant regional and global impact in 2021.

The session will culminate in an interactive workshop helping participants transform their own ideas into hard-hitting, regionally relevant advocacy campaigns to promote and defend encryption on the road to Global Encryption Day 2022.

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Date and Time


Tuesday 08 March 2022



Featured speakers and panelists

Natalie Campbell

Director, Community Organizing and Public Advocacy

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Ryan Polk

Director, Internet Policy

Ryan Polk is a Senior Policy Advisor at the Internet Society, where he is primarily focused on issues related to Internet trust. In this capacity, Ryan contributes to the development… Read more

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