Launch Event: World Bank World Development Report 2021 – Data for Better Lives

Join the World Bank team to learn more about their latest report, Data for Better Lives

Today’s unprecedented growth of data and their ubiquity in our lives are signs that the data revolution is transforming the world. And yet much of the value of data remains untapped. Data collected for one purpose have the potential to generate economic and social value in applications far beyond those originally anticipated. But many barriers stand in the way, ranging from misaligned incentives and incompatible data systems to a fundamental lack of trust. 

World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives explores the tremendous potential of the changing data landscape to improve the lives of people, while also acknowledging its potential to open back doors that can harm individuals, businesses, and societies. To address this tension between the helpful and harmful potential of data, this Report calls for a new social contract that enables the use and reuse of data to create economic and social value, ensures equitable access to that value, and fosters trust that data will not be misused in harmful ways.

Join this exclusive Organization Member event where World Bank staff and authors from the report itself will present the findings from Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. The Internet Society will also shed light on the importance of local infrastructure supporting the development of local data and content.

Explore key themes from the report through data stories

Explore our work on Infrastructure and Community Development

Date and Time

13:30 – 14:30 UTC

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Event Speakers

Portrait photo  of Michuki Mwangi

Michuki Mwangi

Distinguished Technologist, Internet Growth

I'm the Distinguished Technologist for Internet Growth at the Internet Society. I lead the Internet Growth portfolio, which focuses on measuring, building, and extending a resilient Internet to those who… Read more about Michuki Mwangi

Portrait photo  of David Satola

David Satola

Lead Counsel, Technology & Innovation, World Bank

David provides legal advisory services on a range of technology and law related issues both internally to the World Bank and externally to its member states. His work spans more… Read more about David Satola

Portrait photo  of Adele Barzelay

Adele Barzelay

Governance Analyst (Public Sector and Regulatory), World Bank

Adele Barzelay is a Governance Analyst within the Governance Practice’s Middle East and North Africa Unit at the World Bank. Adele is co-leading the technical regional work on data governance… Read more about Adele Barzelay

Portrait photo  of Niccolò Comini

Niccolò Comini

Economist, World Bank

Niccolò Comini is an Economist in the Chief Economist’s Office of the Infrastructure Vice Presidency. He focuses on competition and regulatory issues in the ICT and digital industries in emerging… Read more about Niccolò Comini