How IXPs can transform MENA’s digital landscape

If you go to visit a neighbour, you don’t travel all the way across town and then back again to get there. Yet that’s what happens with Internet traffic in many parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA).

An email you send to your neighbour can travel through other countries and even continents, before it lands in their inbox. Without local infrastructure connecting people in our region, Internet traffic has to take long and elaborate routes. That means the Internet is slower, less resilient, and more expensive for everybody.

But there’s an alternative. IXPs (Internet exchange points) create a direct route for traffic to travel. They make the Internet cheaper, faster, stronger, and more accessible for local people. They catalyse investment and innovation by helping local and international operators reach more people more affordably. With IXPs in MENA, everybody wins.

The benefits of IXPs are countless, but our region is lagging behind in developing them. So how can we take action for faster, more resilient, more affordable Internet in MENA?

Thank you for joining leaders from government, regulators and researchers in MENA for the first ever regional gathering of IXP practitioners, proudly delivered by the Internet Society in collaboration with MENOG.

Who should join us?
  • Policy practitioners
  • ICT regulators
  • Government focal points
  • Researchers
  • Anybody who is involved in the future of internet connectivity in our region or excited about the potential for digital transformation and investment
What will you gain?
  • Deepen your knowledge about the transformative potential of IXPs
  • Learn from government and other stakeholders at different stages in their IXP journey, including regional leaders
  • Find out how to build trust and work together to create IXPs
  • Share where you are in your IXP journey
  • Help shape the future of our region’s digital development

Will you join us? 

Date and Time

12:00 – 15:00 UTC

Wednesday 23 September 2020