African Internet Resilience #4: Measuring Africa’s Internet Resilience

Thank you for joining our fourth webinar of the African Internet Resilience series on Internet measurements and the plans to determine Africa’s Internet resilience.

Africa has made major strides in improving Internet penetration in the last decade narrowing the gap with the rest of the world. While this is commendable, Internet access alone is not enough to get the benefits that Africa wants from the Internet, In particular, the Internet should be resilient and available all the time so that individuals and businesses can rely on it.

Especially now more than ever, Africa is relying on the Internet for work, communication and entertainment. But how stable is the Internet and is Africa at par with the rest of the world when it comes to Internet resilience and reliability?

To determine Africa’s Internet resilience, sustained measurements have to be done to get the real picture on the ground. This webinar discussed about Internet measurements in Africa as it stands today as well as what we need to have in the future to assess the quality of the Internet.  It also assessed the experience from other regions and organizations that have carried out sustained Internet measurements and explored how continued Internet measurements be carried out in Africa.

This webinar was organized by the African Union Commission (AU), the Internet Society (ISOC), the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), and NetHope in collaboration with the African Telecommunications Union (ATU), the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Mozilla.

Watch the recording:

You can also watch the recorded webinar on Periscope, Twitch and Facebook Live.

Presentation slides
Objectives of the webinar
  • Introduce measurement and importance of measurement for Internet resilience in Africa
  • Discuss experiences of other regions
  • Discuss works being done in this area in Africa by regulators and other stakeholders

Image: Nkosinathi “King” Matshini watching a football bloopers video on YouTube while colleagues went in search of additional materials during the installation of a wireless access point to cover the computer room at Sikoma Junior Secondary School in the village of Mankosi in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa on 27 September 2018. © Internet Society / Nyani Quarmyne / Panos Pictures

Date and Time

11:00 – 12:30 UTC

Tuesday 21 July 2020


Portrait photo  of Amreesh Phokeer

Amreesh Phokeer

Internet Measurement and Data Expert

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Dawit Bekele

Regional Vice President - Africa

I am a Regional Vice President for Africa at the Internet Society. I have more than two decades of experience in Internet development in Africa and around the world. At… Read more about Dawit Bekele

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Emile Aben

Research Coordinator, RIPE NCC

I'm a system architect/research coordinator at the RIPE NCC, where I work in the science group. I'm a chemist by training, but have been working since 1998 on Internet related… Read more about Emile Aben

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Kevin G. Chege

Director, Internet Development

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Lai Yi Ohlsen

Project Director, Measurement Lab

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Moctar Yedaly

Head, Information Society Division, African Union Commission/Responsable pour la Société de l'information, Union africaine

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