Lai Yi Ohlsen

Lai Yi Ohlsen

Project Director, Measurement Lab

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Lai Yi Ohlsen is a tech worker and artist, and the new Project Director of Measurement Lab, one of Code for Science Society's sponsored projects. Previously, she worked to defend and promote human rights online with eQualitie as Technical Programs Manager. Ohlsen is also a 2019 Movement Research Artist in Residence and has been supported by the Pioneer Works Technology Lab and the Internet Archive’s Decentralized Web Summit.

With a background in computer science, project management and community organizing she translates technical visions into actionable, accessible, and assessable plans. Her multidisciplinary work across industries aims to better understand who and what technology is for.

Latest posts

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Growing the Internet 23 August 2019

Measurement Lab: How Do We Know If the Internet Is Open?

An open Internet is the foundation of access and innovation, where users can go where they want, when they...

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