A group photo of women in West Mali holding their course certificates from the DDCN training course.

Bridging the Unemployment Gap for Young Female Graduates

Aminata Hélène Dackouo hurried along Bamako’s hot, dusty streets one morning in May 2023, intent on reaching her destination in time. Her heart raced, and she had butterflies in her stomach—she was about to ask a very important question, and the answer would significantly impact her future. Just a week earlier, she’d seen a post on social media about a hands-on computer networking course for young women run by the

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Promoting Cultural Diversity through Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace

: Knowledge is to do with interactions between people in society – individuals, groups, government, professional societies, etc, each with their own agendas. How do we tie society to IT? ...

Measuring the impact of internet governance on sustainable development

The objective of this workshop was to explore the range of indicators needed to monitor whether internet policy and governance choices are leading to an Internet that is supporting social, ...

Social Media and internet governance – legal issues and challenges

Today the Internet has seen a radical dramatic shift. In many senses, this dramatic shift is symbolized by the emergent new social media revolution. Social networking websites have taken the ...

Internet Governance and Recovery and Economic Growth

The workshop number 291 with the above title is being held in Room 2 (Sinai). Extremely informed panelist and very well chaired by Herbert (SAP) and the salient points which ...
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What Shall We Call Our New Topic Area On “Anti-Spoofing” Of IP Addresses?

.  We are struggling with what to the new topic area we are planning to launch related to preventing the "spoofing" of IP addresses. In routing security circles this topic ...