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The US Makes a Big Step Toward Better Routing Security

The US Department of Commerce began implementing better routing security practices—a step in the right direction for wider MANRS adoption.

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DNSSEC And The Challenge Of Modern Websites

Given that modern websites often pull content from a variety of different sites to build a single page, what impact does that have on DNSSEC and providing the security that ... Aims To Provide Q&A-Style Forum For IPv6 Discussion
| Aims To Provide Q&A-Style Forum For IPv6 Discussion

Looking to post a specific IPv6 question and receive an answer? Or looking to see what kinds of questions people are asking about IPv6? If so, the folks at Network ...
Dnssec tools project

DNSSEC-Tools 1.12.1 Released – New DNSSEC apps, updated tools, Android support, more…

The DNSSEC-Tools Project today announced the release of DNSSEC-Tools version 1.12.1 with a range of new DNSSEC applications, updates to a number of tools and porting of the DNSSEC validator ...

Free Light Reading Webinar Feb 8th: Making the IPv6 Transition For Cable

If you have 90 minutes to spare tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8, 2012, the folks over at Light Reading are offering a free (see below) webinar at 1:00 pm US Eastern ...
Logo for O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference

Attending O'Reilly's TOCCON Next Week? Deploy360 Will Be There…

Will you be attending O'Reilly's "Tools of Change for Publishing 2012" conference (a.k.a. "TOCCON") in New York from February 13-15, 2012? If so, I (Dan York) will be there and ...
Only 4 months to World IPv6 Launch - are you getting ready?

Only 4 months to World IPv6 Launch – are you getting ready?

World IPv6 Launch (more info here) is only four months away on June 6, 2012 - If you haven't started yet, now is a good time to get going!  Here are ...
IPv6 Week

Regional IPv6 Week Feb 6-12 in Latin America, Caribbean

As you get ready for World IPv6 Launch in June 2012, those of you in Latin America can join in to Regional IPv6 Week happening next week, February 6 - 12, ...

TechRepublic: Are You Thinking About IPv6 Security With World IPv6 Launch Looming?

In a TechRepublic article out today titled "World IPv6 launch day set: Security pitfalls to look out for", author Patrick Lambert asks a key question related to World IPv6 ...