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Community 9 September 2022

Grow Your Connections with the Internet Society’s Alumni Network

By Mauricia Abdol TshilundaGuest AuthorIGF Youth Ambassador Program Alumni & Internet Society Alumni Program Coordinator

Through the years, scores of Internet champions have participated in the Internet Society’s Empowerment programs, and many have asked the same thing. How do we continue connecting, learning, leading, and influencing the Internet positively?

We heard them.

After several focus group discussions and months of hard work, we’re proud to announce a first in the history of the Internet Society: the creation of the Alumni Network.

Quality Connections, Lifelong Learning, and Community Leadership

We launched the Alumni Network this month during Community Week. We’re thrilled to formally connect talented, passionate Internet champions so they can continue to learn, advocate for our cause, share exciting career opportunities, and become the best versions of themselves—professionally and personally.

The network is currently open to Early Career Fellows, Mid Career Fellows, IGF Youth Ambassadors, Youth@IGF Fellows, IGF Ambassadors, MANRS Fellows and Ambassadors, training tutors, and learners who completed at least three Internet Society mission-oriented courses in a natural year.

Internet Hall of Fame Inductees and Postel Awardees will be invited to serve as Mentors or Inspirational Internet Champions at Alumni Network activities and events.

The Alumni network will have three main components: 

  • An annual Global Alumni Event, a day during Internet Society Community Week to celebrate Internet champions and their impact throughout the year.
  • Career development opportunities for members to develop their skills, build their capacity, and succeed as Internet leaders.
  • Networking activities for building community comradery and helping alumni connect with Internet Society experts, organization members and partners.
Learn more about joining the Alumni Network, plus all of its benefits!

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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