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Technology 30 September 2019

The Week in Internet News: The New Internet Space Race

Grant Gross
By Grant GrossTechnology Reporter

Broadband in space: The Associated Press, via the New York Post, has a story on the new space race involving Amazon, SpaceX, and other companies. The competition is to be first to deploy new satellite networks to provide broadband service to all corners of the Earth. Still, there are some questions about these low-Earth orbit satellites, with the multi-billion-dollar cost of deployment being the biggest concern.

Secure by algorithm: Researchers at Princeton University have developed algorithms that they say can prevent hacker attacks on power grids, DownToEarth reports. The new algorithms target power spikes that could be driven by IoT-based attacks. One algorithm would prevent connections overloading by balancing power, and the other would help grids restore their functionality after an attack.

Please help: A column at ZDNet asks network operators to using existing tools to fix security problems with the Border Gateway Protocol, which routers use to tell each other the best way to route traffic. The BGP standard includes Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs) to confirm the accuracy of routing messages, but those tools aren’t as widely deployed as they could be, the column suggests.

Lost jobs: A nearly two-month Internet shutdown in the India-controlled Kashmir region has cost about 46,000 jobs, according to a story in the Kashmir Monitor. The shutdown has not only cost technology jobs, but also in tourism and retail, the story says.

Fake diets: Fake news doesn’t just apply to political stories, but fake sites are also promoting diet pills, says. One site promoting “free” diet pills appears to show a report from the Today show, but is actually another site that copies the way news sites look.

Hiding the donut: Dunkin’ Donuts “glazed over” a cyberattack that affected 20,000 customers, the New York attorney general says, as reported by The Daily Beast. Attorney General Letitia James accuses the company of failing to investigate the 2015 attacks.

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