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Second Meeting of the Indian Network Operators’ Group Concludes Successfully

By Natasha Rautela SarohaGuest Author

The Indian Network Operators’ Group (INNOG) organized their second meeting ( INNOG 2) in New Delhi on 1-4 July. The event, comprised of a conference and three workshops, was attended by more than 170 local and international participants. The event was supported by ISPAI, APNIC, NIXI, Internet Society, Tata Communications, Telestra, Spectra, Amazon Web Service, Software Technology Parks of India, and COAI. The Internet Society India Delhi Chapter also supported the event.

The conference held on 1 July was inaugurated by Arnold Nipper of DE-CiX, David Huberman of ICANN, Rajesh Chharia of ISPAI, Ramesh Chandra of Reliance JIO, Shailesh Gupta of Tata Communications, and Srinivas Chendi and Anurag Bhatia of Hurricane Electric. The conference sessions covered a variety of topics including root service, routing security, FreeBSD, leveraging IPv6 for explosive growth, and the ecosystem of IXPs. David Huberman of ICANN shared latest updates on DNS and highlighted the Open Forum in which participants can network and exchange ideas.

Subsequently, from 2-4 July, three workshops were held to address the ongoing challenges faced by Indian Internet services providers. The three workshops were on IPv6 deployment, IXP deployment, and the multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) routing technique.

The workshop on IPv6 deployment had 40 participants involved in Internet technology standards, local and national network infrastructure deployment, and network operations attending the lectures and hands-on lab modules that provided step-by-step guides.

The workshop on IXP deployment was also comprised of lectures and hands-on lab work to build the OSPF/ISIS and BGP skills required for network operators to participate at an IXP.

The workshop on MPLS included participants involved in building or operating a wide-area TCP/IP-based Internet service provider or metro service provider. The workshop covered the basic functionalities and features of MPLS, using MPLS to create virtual private networks, traffic engineering, building a large enterprise network over MPLS cloud, MPLS security and troubleshooting MPLS

About INNOG: INNOG provides service and content providers with a venue to share and learn from each other, thereby fostering greater collaborations at the working level. INNOG is not-for-profit and organization-neutral. It is loosely structured and is run by volunteers. If you would like to contribute by speaking or organizing future INNOG meetings, reach out.R

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